Airbrush Paint | Testing A $14 Dual Action Airbrush – Is It Actually Good

I’m going to be talking about what to purchase as your first air brush iwata airbrush kit, so I always wanted to purchase an air brush and there really wasn’t any information on what to get as your first hairbrush, any straightforward beginner’s guide into air brushing so that’s what this video is going to be I personally use my air brush for model horses, and that is what this channel is dedicated to I paint models both big and small, I love the air brush and using it as a tool that is the first question you must ask yourself when purchasing an air brush, what are you going to be using the air brush for I know some artists do their work primarily on paper or figurines, videogame figurines model versus a big community, there’s a variety of things that you can use the air brush for but generally speaking, it’s used for models and it’s really good for models because you can get into all of the weird areas that you wouldn’t be able to with a paintbrush and it’s the same acrylic paint that dries quick airbrush gun.Quickly and doesn’t smell bad but you’re able to apply it in a really smooth way that gives an awesome appeal to your finished model depending how much you’re going to use the air brush contributes into what air brush, you should get if you’re gonna use the air brush just a few times then maybe you don’t need something as high quality, if you’re gonna plan on using the air brush to sell artwork I recommend getting a higher model, it depends what your use is going to be four there’s also a variation and whether or not you’re going to be painting really small items or really large items there’s different spray levels for certain air brushes I personally have this I wada eclipse HP C S, and this is a pretty general air brush for most artists and there will be a link in the description to purchase this air brush, it runs a 35 millimeter needle, and this particular one I have is gravity Fed and has the large cup, this brush will last me a lifetime I will never grow out of this brush I will only add brushes to my collection.So when you go with a good quality middle of the road brush, you can have the potential to upgrade but you won’t feel like you need to upgrade you feel like this brush will do what you needed to do and I would highly recommend this as your first air brush for the price point and what it can do now I wada is industry standard, so I wada is the name of the air brush, they’ve been doing it for years, they figured it out they know what’s what these brushes are built to last, they come with a warranty on them all of the parts you can get replacement bits for them they’re used on shows like face off and paint wars, it’s like anybody who’s anybody who air brushes has heard of by wada I have heard success stories with badger brands I firstly have never tried them their brushes are a similar price point, if not a little bit lower and you can get replacement parts for those as well, now that being said I’m eclipse is kind of that middle of the road, they also have me I want a meal which I read good things about it.About eighty Dollar brush, you can get a cheap little compressor that goes with it not too bad of a brush and then you get into the really fancy ones that are higher end of the spectrum like a micron, there’s also a couple different styles of air brush, so this particular one is a gravity Fed but you can get a couple of different styles, so this is the large cup gravity Fed air brush so the cup is quite large, it can hold quite a bit of paint and it comes with the lid so you can block the pain and you can use that much paint on your brush and gravity just pushes it into the nozzles that spray out, there’s other types that come with smaller tops depending how much pain you’re going to use the bigger one is better I find you can tip it and you’re not gonna worry that the pain is going to overflow and spill everywhere I can also get ones that are bottle Fed they come with a whole bottle on the bottom, you can get ones that feeding from this side don’t really know the specs on these I’ve heard gravity Fed go you end up with less clogs less issues, your pressure doesn’t need to be so dramatic so you will. Sea air brushes that are labeled as dual action or single action, single action means that you literally just pull the nozzle back and you get paint and pressure, that’s all there is that’s all that’s all the range you get it’s either on or off dual action means I can push down for air pull back for paint, so dual action basically means that you have more control so I can control the amount of air that’s coming and the amount of pain coming and so I find this really important because you have way more control and you can create better techniques and effects this way a lot of people think the air rushing super messy it’s not I don’t have any issues with this spraying anywhere, it shouldn’t I do have a sheet up against my wall to protect my wall but I’ve never had any problems where I’ve had to really make sure that was off I can get away with just a carpet box, but you really don’t even need anything for the miniatures that I paint the air brush really doesn’t have any over spray so I’ve never run into it.Issue with that I would recommend air rushing somewhere with ventilation or at least a little bit of airflow, what comes with air brushing is that you do need a compressor air brushes run on compressed air there pushing paint through to create a very fine mist and for this you need an air compressor, you just need a hobby air compressor I personally have a compressor that I just got off Amazon it’s nothing fancy I know I wada and badger and I think Apache all may air brush compressors to go with their air brushes, these are really expensive and I think really overkill because I was just getting into air brushing I didn’t want to spend a whole bunch of money, so I went on Amazon and for about a hundred and thirty dollars I got myself a good little compressor, I’ve had no issues with it it’s just under two years old now and it’s been going strong, no problems.There’s a couple things you want to look for in air compressor, however not all professors are the same there’s two different types there’s a compressor that you will turn on and it will run the entire time there’s a compressor that comes with the air tank man comes with an air tanks are the three liter tank and so that means that when you turn the compressor on its not going to be running the whole time, it actually is in air reservoir, so when you turn it on, it’s going to pump up air and fill it with water and then it can shut off so it has an automatic shut off once that reservoir is full, so when I’m painting with this air compressor, if as long as I’m spraying it’s pretty much running the point is when I teach paint or if I’m not doing as much, it will shut off so it’s a little bit quieter, so I would recommend getting that air tank is a little bit more, but it definitely helps it helps the air compressor itself, because it can get quite hot and so it has a break every once in a while it doesn’t have to feel like it needs to run the whole time, and that way you don’t have to worry about turning it off and forgetting about it and having too much pressure.Or whatever it is I also think that having a tank adds consistency to your air pressure in your air flow because there’s already a reservoir, it doesn’t need to continuously like pumping in the exact right man put pressure this compressor also comes with a pressure gauge, that’s really important because you can change the amount of PS AI that’s coming out and the amount of PS I’s going to change the amount of airflow coming out of the air brush, so this varies for what you’re painting and depending on detailed widespread work the PS eyes which change the flow of your air brush, another good feature to have is a moisture trap trap extra moisture so your Bush won’t blow out of water, it will trap it all into the moisture trap, and you will just get straight hair, my compressor also came with its own chord, so that’s also something to look into and make sure that it has the right adapting heads on both of its there’s a couple other things that come with owning an air brush so the air should sell.The compressor that we talked about somewhere to paint, but then there’s just a couple little must haves that also come with owning an air brush because there’s maintenance on air brush for both yourself and the brush the number one thing you must buy with your air brush is a cleaning pot, it’s not very fancy mine is really dirty, really full of paint because I use it all the time, need to clean your brushes, every color you use and all the time constantly, and this makes it completely simple, so this is just a cheap off Amazon cleaning pot link will be in the description below you basically just insert your air brush here and spray all your excess paint out in your cleaning process, basically just a glass jar where all the paint and cleaner and everything goes into and it’s filtered so that the fumes don’t get out and go everywhere twists off and you can clean it out when it’s too full right now, you’re also going to need an air brush type cleaner, this is.Necessity to owning the air brush, you have to clean up between paints, this is a water based cleaner but it has properties in it that help break up the paint media wada air brush cleaner fast acting odorless and environmentally safe, there are more advanced ways but I’ll get into that in a separate video about how to clean your air rush there’s a couple different kinds of paints that you can get for air brush, there are paints that are designed specifically for the air brush I personally have used both golden high flow acrylic and filet Ho model, air use both work great there paints that are designed to go straight into the air brush, there’s also paints such as create X, there’s a lot of different brands out there but there’s specific air brush paints that are designed to go right into the air brush and I would recommend buying these paints versus mixing acrylic with water or a reducer or anything like that because they just work better they flow out of the air Bush better you’ll be less likely to have clogs they’ll be more consistent in your color, your texture.Low so you want to protect yourself when using these paints a lot of the products that I’ve used directly say on them.Can cause cancer bad fumes don’t inhale getting one of these respirators is a really good idea and I wear this now every time I air brush because the smell of the paint, sometimes it great, it’s not good for your lungs, it can cause cancer so using a respirator when you’re air brushing is really important so these are the correct filters that you should be using on your respirator, they R Z three m six zero nine two one designed specifically for vapors so they trap all of the particles that comes from using aerosols and paints highly recommend this I have a whole video on it as well so I’ll put the link to that in the description, so with my glass pot, it also came with these funky cleaners I don’t find these super necessary but they are good to have on hand in case something goes wrong, they came with my cleaning pots, so I’ll link that in the description, my I wanna air brush came with both a wrench and some lupe, but these are also important to hang on hand it’s literally a loop designed for the errors, you can drop in a row.I’ll make sure things run good and then branches to take the air brush apart, the last important tool that you should get is Z I wada nozzle wrench air brushes frequently need to be taken apart and cleaned and you have to replace parts of times and this is a tool that will take off the nozzle safely so that you won’t destroy it and wreck your air brush, so it’s a really important tool it’s a good idea to get some replacement parts have replacement bits on hand I always keep a replacement needle a replacement nozzle in my studio because you never know when it’s gonna break down so I hope this helped make your decision a little bit easier and guide you in the right direction of what you’re looking for full air brush escapade cost me around 400, dollars all said and done I made that back in probably the first month of owning it, so it wasn’t a huge investment for me, but I would highly recommend just doing it even if you’re just doing it for fun, it’s super fun tool, it’s super.Rewarding the level of work, I’ve been able to get out of this air brush I never would have been able to with another medium, so it’s really really fun I highly recommend it I love air brush brushes so much.