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I’m gonna show you how I remove it using a basic manicure gel manicure set, I’m going straight from irg mineral peel, and this is a body and face exfoliation, so it’s not meant for this purpose, but I just find it very effective so I’ve been using it on my nails for years, so this is my alternative to soaking my nails and then, I can immediately go in with my cuticle pusher and as you guys can see I’m being as gentle as possible, just gently coercing it back rather than trying to stab or jab it back like this, so this is an example of what you don’t want to do instead go in circular motions sleeping around the curve of the cuticle area and you’re much less likely to hurt yourself this way, so just remember don’t put too much pressure, actually let your cuticle softener do its job or soften your skin with water so that this isn’t difficult because it should not I repeat, it should not be painful, and if it is just stop again snowflake nail art.What I’m doing so this is my nail care routine for me and I’m not advocating it for anyone else just sharing my experience and what I do because I haven’t gone to a salon for literally like years I can’t even tell you how long how long it’s been so after I’ve pushed the epic comeback I now go in with the other side of my cuticle pusher to just lift any skin that has piled up on its own and do keep in mind that some of this is not actually my skin so the mineral peel that, I used does kind of gum up and so now we have clearly defined the dead skin or what I will be removing from my finger, this skin is attached to the proximal nail fold however it’s not cuticle, and if you to have this area of skin, you can just leave it there and some of you guys have asked me how I know what skin to cut or that I want to cut because again you don’t have to cut anything, this is just my personal choice about how I determined that as I find that skin that needs to be exfoliate it usually becomes very like super tramp.Is loose and when it is thoroughly hydrated, so in my pedicure videos, for example when I soak my feet I can literally see through the skin and I can see the shadow of my tools, when I put them behind it, so in the previous clip, you guys could see the tip of my cuticle pusher through the skin, and here I’ve actually been a little bit conservative with cutting that skin away, so even after I’ve detached this piece you can still kind of see that semi white translucent skin on the nail fold that I have left so I always err on the side of not cutting away too much at first because I can always go back in but if I get overzealous to begin with, then I can go too deep and actually cut living skin.So our buddy you can see that this is a huge improvement and I have a lot more space on my nail bed, which is going to make painting my nails much easier and have longevity so I sprayed appeal again just to kind of double-check, my work so I rejoice and and then just go back over the area to make sure that I hadn’t left anything behind.OH.And here you can actually see exactly what I’m talking about in terms of the product itself coming up so that’s what you guys are seeing right now, so I’m thinking that if I post another video like this that I may just soak in water so that you guys can see the difference and also to see if maybe I’ve evolved from this product because of course it is very pricey and from your feedback, I’ve learned that they’ve actually downgraded the bottle again, because this originally used to come in eight ounces, so just wanted to point out that before I’ve even cut anything as you guys can see when I go to push the skin back, this is the proximal nail fold, however if I also push back on a nail that I’ve already trimmed you’ll see that the proximal nail fold is still there, so that is the proximal nail fold, not the skin that is sitting on my nail plate as the name implies folds back on itself, it has to actually touch.Under and back, so the fold covers my nail up into my finger.So if I put tension on the top of my finger or where the proximal nail fold is really pulling the skin Todd allows me to have full visibility.So again, I’m just going to reiterate this is what I’m doing, you don’t have to do any of this but just in case you’re curious, the reason why I’m being so thorough is because I personally I just liked the look of very well manicured nails or doing any type of nail enhancement in using like acrylics or gel, you do have to make sure that there’s no tissue on your nail plate because that is going to cause your product to lift so yes this is part of that process, it’s just a personal preference, so if you disagree with it that’s okay, you don’t have to do it, however I am and I will continue to.Yeah.Yeah.And also I filmed this on my phone and had way more footage of me doing my opposite hand, so I do this exact routine with my opposite hand even though I am right-handed, but I wasn’t able to export it to my computer because the file was too.